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We do love Good Traditional Food in Crete

Below you can find most well known Cretan traditional foods:

  1. DAKOS its name may vary form one region to the other, some people call it koukouvagia. It is made with a barley rusk topped with a salad filling of tomatoes,  feta cheese olive oil and herbs.
  2. GAMOPILAFO a compound word of gamos, wedding, and pilafi, rice. It is the traditional  delicacy served at weddings. It is similar to risotto, made with rice boiled in broth with a dash of lemon juice and butter. As for the result, we invite you to find out.
  3. SFAKIANES PITES are the delicious pies made on the southern cost of Crete. They are pancakes stuffed with wild greens, picked on the Cretan mountains, or feta cheese. The dough recipe includes raki and olive oil. Try it with local honey on top. You can’t miss it!
  4. FRIED SNAILS this dish is for thrill seekers. Chochloi (snails) are fried in olive oil with flour and rosemary in a pan. You can hear the sizzling sound while they are fried. They are locally called “boubouristi” as they are cooked with their bellies down.
  5. LAMB WITH STAMNAGATHI: lamb is one of the most popular dishes in Crete. It is cooked in a pan with stamnagathi, cretan greens, which grow by the seaside and their slightly bitter taste makes it very enjoyable.
  6. DOLMADAKIA vine leaves stuffed with rice, ground meat and lots of herbs. This dish is considered one of the most popular in Crete and can be tasted in most tavernas.

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