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Welcome to the website of I. & E. KAKEPAPI O.E. and thank you in advance for your preference on our page. Please read carefully what follows and we look forward to offering you our services.

Please read the Privacy Policy Terms and Policy carefully before you start using this website, because by using or placing an order through it, you agree to be bound by these GDPR Terms and Privacy Policies, so if you do not agree, you should not use this website.

These Terms may be amended. It is your responsibility to read them regularly. The term www.gomega.gr refers to the owner company of this website that has undertaken the rental of cars, under the name I. & E. KAKEPAKI O.E. Gomega distinctive title and headquarters 83
Ikarou Ave., N. Alikarnassos, Tax Identification Number: 801766042 of DOY: Heraklion telephones: +30 6972323286 and email: info@gomega.gr.

The content, structure and appearance of the website of www.gomega.gr is given for your information and use and can be modified without prior notice.Your use of the information provided on this website is your sole responsibility, for which you are not responsible. It is your responsibility to make sure that any vehicles available on the site meet your requirements. This website contains material owned by the company. This material includes the design, layout, graphics, and text of the website. Reproduction in any form of the above material for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. This website may contain external links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience and to provide you with additional information. We take no responsibility for the content of the websites to which we provide such links.

It is forbidden to create links to the website without the prior approval of the company. Your navigation in the e-shop as well as the realization of any transaction or communication with our company means the unconditional acceptance of these terms of use by you. In case of your disagreement or reservation for part or all of these terms you can send your relevant e-mail to the email address (corporate email) before your navigation or transaction, otherwise the acceptance of all terms by you is unreserved. Our company reserves the right to modify, renew or upgrade at any time and without prior notice to the user / consumer / visitor / e-shop member (in whole or in part):

(a) part or all of these terms of use;
(b) part or all of the contents of the e-shop; and
c) part or all of the external appearance (interface), structure or composition (configuration) of the e-shop as well as its technical specifications.

It is your responsibility to read them at regular intervals, as the Terms that are in force at the time of drafting the Contract (as defined below) are also applicable. The company also reserves the right at any time, unjustifiably and without prior notice to the user / consumer / visitor / member of the e-shop to cancel, suspend or terminate the operation of the e-shop. The user / consumer / consumer / e-shop member unreservedly acknowledges and accepts all of the above by simply navigating and / or using the e-shop services. If you have any questions regarding the Data Protection Terms or Policies you can contact us using the contact form. The Agreement (as defined below) may be executed, at your option, in any of the languages ​​in which the Terms are available on this website.

The personal data collected by the "company", are collected, processed, registered and stored confidentially, by the Data Controller in accordance with the applicable provisions on PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION of Greece (N.2472 / 97 as in force today in Europe) and Law
(EC 2016/679). The personal data that may be collected are never disclosed to third parties (except where provided by law and the Competent Authorities and those defined in paragraph 4 of the CIVIL PROTECTION CIVIL PROTECTION), but their personal character is
preserved. Gomega maintains files with this data exclusively for communication, statistical purposes and to improve the services provided, customer management. All  information about your identity and personal information provided on the website is processed under the Privacy Policy and they must be true, real and not misleading.

By using the website or placing an order through it, you commit:
.-Do not place false orders or orders that are fraudulently submitted without the purpose of fulfilling them. In such a case we have the right to cancel them and to inform the competent authorities of any further damage to us. Provide us with your exact e-mail address (e-mail) and all your contact details. We may use this information to contact you if necessary (see Privacy Policy). Remember, if you do not provide us with all the information you are requested, we will not be able to forward your order. By submitting an order through the website, you guarantee that you have legal capacity, ie you can conclude binding contracts in your name, and that, at the time of drawing up the contract, you are not under the status of error, fraud or threat.

We know that our website is not intended for minors. The car rental of the site is intended for adults over twenty (23) years old. Therefore, adults are required by law to protect underage internet users who may have access to our website. We take no responsibility for any use of this website by minors and the subsequent purchase by them of products available on it. Regarding the contract of sale between us, it will not be considered that it has been drawn up, only when your order is explicitly accepted by us by sending the corresponding e-mail. If, for any reason, we do not accept your order and your order has already been paid, then this money will be refunded to you in full.

In order for the preparation of the contract to be considered complete, you must follow the purchase process, with the steps described on the website, then, receive an e-mail from us which will confirm the receipt of your order (Order Confirmation).

All earnings and deliveries of your orders depend on their availability. We are only responsible for gross negligence and deceit on our part, in case of delay in the delivery of your cars, while, in case, for reasons for which we are not responsible (such as difficulty in supply, depletion of stocks, etc.) there is any delay or weakness we have the right to inform you about it and either to rent a different category of vehicle or to refund the amount that you may have paid, in full.

Our website is not responsible for you or any third party, for the withdrawal of any vehicles from this website, as well as for the removal or processing of product content of the website, after we have sent you the Order Confirmation. Without prejudice to the provisions of condition 5 above regarding the availability of vehicles and subject to exceptional circumstances in this case, we will make every effort to complete your order.

The price of each vehicle will be the one defined each time on our website. If any error is found in the price of a product you have ordered, we will notify you without delay, and will give you the opportunity to re-place your order, with the correct product price, or cancel it.

Prices are subject to change at any time, however, any changes will not affect orders for which you have already received an Order Confirmation email.

No part of this site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, stored on a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of of our website, for commercial or other purposes, it is not excluded that you may be liable for damages to us or to third parties whose rights may be infringed. The names, trademarks, images, logos and insignia representing Gomega or third parties and their products or services are the sole trademarks of us or third parties, protected by their respective trademark and trademark laws. Their mere appearance on our website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of their license or right of use. Therefore, our
company does not bear any responsibilities arising from the use in any way by third parties of the above marks and distinctive features of third parties. Any improper use of this website is expressly prohibited by transmitting to you other knowingly viruses, trojan horses, worms
and any other malicious software or other material that is malicious or technologically harmful. You also expressly acknowledge and agree that you will not use our online store or our website in general for posting and generally in any way transmitted, illegal, harmful, threatening, racist, offensive, defamatory, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or harmful to minors content. Violation of this term, as well as any provision of law that may relate to cybercrime, may constitute a criminal offense under applicable law. Any such violation will be reported to the competent law enforcement authorities with which we will cooperate in order to reveal the identity of the electronic offender, who will be excluded from any further use of our website.

Our website is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by viruses or other malicious software and malware that may infect your computer, its components, data or any other hardware due to your use of this site. website.

We reserve the right to transfer, assign or subcontract the Agreement between us, or any of our rights or obligations under it, without prior notice, a provision which does not infringe on your legal rights as a consumer or cancel, reduce or otherwise restricts the validity of the
contract. We are not responsible for any failure to fulfill or delay in fulfilling any of our obligations due to force majeure and not our own fault. Any act, event, impossibility, omission or accident that is not subject to our control or the control of the average person is considered as a Force Majeure event and the following situations are indicative: Strikes, strikes or other trade union actions, Social unrest, uprising, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, landslide, epidemic or other natural disaster, inability to use railways, ships, airplanes, motor vehicles or other vehicles Private transport, Inability to use public or private
telecommunications networks, government restrictions, any strike, damage or accident to the shipping and postal services or other means of transport. The fulfillment of our obligations in any such case is suspended for the duration of the force majeure event and, as
soon as this event ends, we will make every effort to fulfill our obligations immediately and serve you. These Terms as well as any document expressly mentioned to you or you may receive from us, constitute the entire agreement between us regarding the subject matter of
each Agreement and supersede any prior written or oral agreement, agreement or settlement between us. We reserve the right to revise and modify these Terms at any time, a fact of which you will be informed by your navigation on the website, having the obligation
to accept them, if you want to use our website. The use of our website as well as the Contracts for the purchase of products through it are governed by Greek law. Any dispute that arises or is related to the use of the website or the said contracts, is subject to the
jurisdiction of the Greek courts.

Thank you, Good and pleasant navigation on our website. The team